4 Days with David Lanz

May 2009

Our hostess,
Madame Sandra Zagzula

Our chef, Scott Morris, Master Chef
from LuLu's Pasta Rustica



The La Fond retreats are a wonderful gathering of like minded souls, coming together over great food, lively discussions, and of course...music! I look forward to each and every one of them!   David Lanz

Quotes from our retreat participants!

“Prepare yourselves for a life-changing experience” is not an understatement. Your life will change from the moment you begin. It is a journey of discoveries that you never expected. It is about you.

David Lanz is a very kind, warm and gentle soul who will keep you laughing and learning from the moment he walks through the door. Madame is one cool chick who welcomes you into her home and makes you feel like family.

I have the very unique experience of being called a “pianist” for the first time by none other than the genius himself, David Lanz, who really is the most talented dude you will ever meet. He understood my intense terror of playing in front of people and gave me a No Pressure comfort zone. His words of wisdom I now have as screen savers on my computer to remind me of how “normal” I am. Madame led me to discoveries with “very private, quiet and undisturbed” guidance.

Most of all, David and Madame both have a way of making you feel unique while also welcoming you into the same musical family. The private lesson is “your time” and is instinctively designed to fill your own personal goal. As nervous as I was about attending “something like this” for the first time; as many nightmares I had about being the only person there without “piano gear”, from the moment you begin, you feel at home and you are a pianist.

I am looking forward to coming back to fulfill two goals: First, to actually play “in front of people” and for David, something I couldn’t bring myself to do. Second to return “The Piano Shop on the Left Bank” to Madame in person. I’ve read it twice already and know why you gave it to me to read. Thank you, Madame.

The David Lanz Retreat is a journey to understanding yourself and your relationship with music, the piano, your joys and fears of playing, good food, good people, great laughs and an opportunity to witness, up close and personal, the Biggest Kid in a Candy Store at play, David Lanz. You will never forget it and you will Never regret it.   Crystal Burden

"What a priceless opportunity it was to spend time with David and other pianists to learn from, practice and be inspired. I now have specific ideas and insights into the life and profession of such a successful and wonderful pianist and person. The retreat was definitely a huge turning point for me in my focus with my career as a pianist and composer; and for that I am in gratitude!"  Jeremy Weinglass

The David Lanz retreat is a mind bending, enriching, and gratifying experience. You are immersed in piano and every aspect of how it affects your life. The personal time you have at the piano with David will inspire you and change your life. I highly recommend this retreat to anyone with a passion for music.   Ruth Ann Hall

“I don't have enough words to express my gratitude for such a wonderful weekend I had with you at the LaFond Conservatory. It was, as Madame said, "a life changing experience", I can't stop talking about it.

At moments I still don't believe it really happened. I've loved David's music for so long, and being The inspiration for me to start playing piano again, I really don't know how to express how much it meant to me to be able to speak, listen, watch playing, and learn from David.

David, your music is fantastic, but your soul and spirit are so humble and full with love, and I am thankful that I had the chance to know you better. I came home, all excited telling all the stories to Laura and my daughters, and they all were very excited, Daniela was not aware that your music is the music in the Living Temples DVD, and ever since I told her she sleeps with the book by her side, they both want to meet you and watch you play!   Sergio Mendiola



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