Dr. Wayne Johnson Photo Album


On August 29th, 2009, Dr. Wayne Johnson presented Keyboard Wizards of the Gershwin Era, a unique program which re-creates the elegance and virtuosity of a true “golden era” in American popular music: the post-ragtime age of George Gershwin and his contemporaries.

“Thanks so much for bringing good music home.” Hank and Jenny “This was my first time in attendance. What a lovely time.” Jodi
“Looking forward to an evening of Gershwin.” Doris and Bill “What wonderful music!” Thank you so much.” Becky
Everyone is happy! This is Rikki Christjohn signing our guest book.
Madame Sandra gets a hug! Talking about how great it was!
Madame Sandra with Dr. Johnson Wonderful music! Wonderful conversation!
A lovely array of refreshments! Everyone had a wonderful time!
Even clean up time was fun!

“It is a joy to share an evening of lovely music and refreshments. Gershwin has always been a favorite.” Ralph and Bonnie



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